О компании

О компании

Yunke China

Yunke China Information Technology Limited (Earlier name as DIGITAL CHINA NETWORKS LIMITED , DCN for short), possessing proprietary network brand and intellectual property. It is a new-generation global provider for data communications equipments,solution and infrastructure of smart city. Deriving from Lenovo, DCN was launched into the network market in 1997 with company philosophy of “Client-oriented, Technology-driven and Service-preference”. Based on independent development and sustainable innovation, DCN is continuous to provide networks products with intelligent, reliable and integrated network products, solution and quality service for the clients.


DCN’s Trip to Southeast Asia under Belt and Road Initiative — Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila

Since China put forward the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, numerous players in digitization, including DCN, have been competing with their domestic and foreign peers! Against this context, DCN has visited Southeast Asia to meet its like-minded friends in Bali, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila, with a view to make joint efforts to achieve a better future.


Great Huawei strategy sees steady progress and mutual cooperation

Based on the comprehensive strategic cooperation reached between Huawei and Digital China in November 2016, Digital China formally put forward a “Great Huawei” strategy at the Huawei China Eco Partner Conference 2018, aiming to integrate business to set up a Huawei business group. For overseas layout, Digital China formally signed a Global Distributor Cooperation Agreement with Huawei on April 19, to become the ninth global distributor of Huawei’s corporate business. Since then, Digital China has begun overseas market layout and exploration, with Southeast Asia being a key area in such development.


On November 2, Guo Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital China, with his delegation, left Bali and then visited Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila for meetings with the heads of Huawei’s local branches to discuss over future business expansion and layout by Digital China and Huawei in Southeast Asia.

Huawei’s local heads at Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila welcomed Guo Wei’s delegation’s visit and mentioned that the digitalization process of Southeast Asian countries was still in its infancy, so they were looking forward to Digital China’s joining as a powerful and mature partner having cooperation experience with Huawei in China, to jointly explore the market.


As far as Huawei’s business layout in Southeast Asia was concerned, Guo Wei said that Digital China could cooperate with Huawei in various aspects. Firstly, Digital China has sophisticated digital solutions, whereby it has acquired a great number of practical information and data during its enabling domestic customers in digital transformation and also obtained advantages in international cooperation. Secondly, China has relevant support policies such as those on trade facilitation and custom clearance, which are aimed to help Chinese commercial systems and technical standards be promoted internationally. Finally, Digital China will quickly set up overseas service teams, and develop well-furnished service mechanisms, solutions and response mechanisms, which helps continuously improve products’ value to customers. All in all, the two parties should closely cooperate and fight shoulder to shoulder. A long-term cooperation strategy must be accomplished by both parties.


Consider regional demands and share successful experience


In the course of communication with Huawei, we learned that Southeast Asia, as the node connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, is a very promising market for its advantages in many aspects. Specifically, these include unique geographical advantages proven by many harbors and long coastlines, advantages on natural resources for the special climatic conditions and on mineral resources, and economic development potential advantages for its large young proportion. Besides, another advantage is that huge digitization demands in various industries, especially in finance and tax sectors, has been generated during Southeast Asian countries’ actively developing information and network technologies.


Meanwhile, Digital China has rich practical experiences in these fields. For the financial sector, Digital China helps financial institutions boost their business expansion with its innovative products and service patterns, by following the strategy of platform-based, scenario-based and intelligent development and making efforts on deep integration of finance and technologies like Cloud, Big Data, AI, distributed structure and blockchain. And for IT-based tax management, an important part of TI-based government management, Digital China comprehensively upgrades and optimizes the transversal networked system and guarantees satisfactory system operation by advanced information technology and network technology, which can make a great contribution to the improvement of tax authorities’ working environment and service quality.


Digital China hopes to jointly upgrade the digital level and expand business with Huawei in the Southeast Asian countries based on its experience in related fields and in combination with local conditions.


Cloud drives reform in the era of digital technology


In the era of DT, digital transformation has become an international consensus, and enterprises are forced to accelerate their digital transformation as they are generally faced with challenges everywhere and faster competition in the rapidly changing market due to quick and ubiquitous innovation. And in fact, new technologies like Cloud computing, Big Data and AI, new forms of industry and new patterns have played a great role in reshaping the traditional industries in the past a few years. They can be the direction and footstone for enterprises’ digital transformation.


According to Guo Wei’s interviews with Malaysian media: “Digital China has accumulated rich practical experience in Cloud and digital transformation over the past years. We will make full use of Cloud, a fast iterative tool, to enable industries and enterprises’ digital transformation and development, and bring true digital technology based convenience to people in Southeast Asian countries!”



DCN’s Trip to Southeast Asia under Belt and Road Initiative — Bali

Since China put forward the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, numerous players in digitization, including DCN, have been competing with their domestic and foreign peers! Against this context, DCN has visited Southeast Asia to meet its like-minded friends in Bali, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila, with a view to make joint efforts to achieve a better future.

Bali is an exotic island where we can enjoy bright sunshine, boundless beaches, whistling coconut trees, etc. Today, we come here, keeping our eyes and hearts open for such beautiful scenery and also for cooperation and innovation in Cloud, and being ready for feeling the Energy of Cloud.



Energy of Cloud! A glance of DCN2018 Global Partner Conference

On November 1, 2018, DCN held the 2018 Global Partner Conference, themed “Energy of Cloud”, in Bali, Indonesia. In the conference, Guo Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital China, together with a team of DCN executives discussed the opportunities and challenges in the new era with hundreds of foreign partners as well as domestic golden partners, with an aim to achieve a innovation future through mutual assistance and joint efforts.


Take Cloud as foundation and deepen cooperation


“‘A digital China’ is the original intention and mission of Digital China,” said Ye Haiqiang, Vice President of Digital China. According to him, since its founding in 2001, Digital China has been engaged in IT infrastructure construction, comprehensive IT services and Cloud and Big Data, throughout which it has always been insisting on enabling enterprises’ and industries’ digital transformation. In 2018, Digital China, based on its brand, resources and channel advantages obtained from over 20 years’ efforts in China’s IT market, focused on AGG, MSP and ISV, and provided corporate customers with full life-cycle Cloud services and digital solutions.

DCN has deployed its business in security, wireless, switching, routing, training rooms, and storage & application, and owns 510 types of products, providing a solid foundation for Cloud and Big Data development. Moreover, DCN has extended its business to more than 50 countries around the world, served more than 100 overseas partners in more than 20,000 projects, and won their trust.

The continuous implementation of policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative will lead to more and more frequent international cooperation, so at this conference, Digital China launched a “Golden Bridge Club” for partners at home and abroad. After joining the “Golden Bridge Club”, partners will have access to advanced digital technologies and products, receive relevant skill training and certification, and get opportunities for communication and cooperation with other members, to jointly embrace the future of the era of digital economy. “We will face the changes in the era of digital economy together with our global partners!” said Ye Haiqiang.


March globally with great hard power and soft power


During the process of serving overseas customers for many years, Digital China’s own products and methods have been constantly updating and innovating. At this conference, the release of DCN’s Cloud products and switching and value-added products has attracted much attention. To be specific, as a new model of “Network as Service”, DCN Cloud supports wired/wireless, IoT and Big Data technologies, and constantly upgrades management automation. Its open architecture can be integrated with various complementary services from third parties, so as to enhance the value of user’s networks. Besides, it should be noted that the first data center switch with a “Chinese Chip”, which is developed jointly by DCN and MTK, was officially released at this conference. All the new products released, also including gateway and wireless products, are evidence of DCN product system’s improved hard power and enable customers to have better network experience.

In addition to those quality products, DCN also provides supporting operation, maintenance and services to customers. Relevant technologies and solutions were unveiled at this conference. Based on specific scenarios of application such as ISPs, hotels and campuses, DCN showed its achievements and strengths in related fields to the participants at the conference.

Partners from relevant countries also talked about their own experience and cooperation with Digital China. Mr. Jarek, Sales Director of Salumanus in Poland, mentioned that since 2011 when Salumanus became an exclusive agent of DCN in Poland, DCN’s products had served more than 204 Polish customers with a turnover of more than 3730 pcs devices. He wished a greater success next year!

Turkey’s Coptek became a DCN partner in 2009. According to an executive of Coptek, DCN’s products have won many project contracts against Cisco and Extreme with their excellent quality and rich software functions. After years of layout and market development, DCN has become the second brand for network products to the Turkish government, covering a wide range of government customers.

NAG, one of the largest telecom equipment suppliers in Russia and in the CIS region, is an important partner of DCN in Russia’s ISP field. The head of NAG said that the two parties had cooperated for over 8 years, during which they had installed more than three million Ethernet ports and provided equipment for hundreds of ISP suppliers, winning high recognition and full trust from customers.


Cloud drives revolution to digital future


At present, digital transformation has become an important economic growth point globally. Choosing right partners is the foundation for successful digital transformation. IDC believes that a mature Cloud service partner is supposed to have good and time-honored brands, insight into customer demands, capability of providing customized IT service and integrating systems and experience in multi-Cloud management, and to be a third-party Cloud service provider holding a neutral position.


At the last round-table discussion of the conference, when it came to how Digital China enables digital transformation, Guo Wei said: “Digital China actually is able to enable digital transformation. Our company is an IT distributor and also a Cloud service provider. And we have accumulated much experience in successfully matching our Cloud services with the actual operation environment for many industries’ informatization. We hope to continuously expand channels of communication, deepen cooperation with partners from all countries, create more new value growth points, and lead transformation with Cloud and Big Data, so as to control the future with digital technologies!”


Applaud to Collaboration | DCN’s “Brilliant” IPv6 Products at GNTC

The Global Network Technology Conference (GNTC) was opened few days ago. Since its inception three years ago, GNTC has emerged as an important indicator of network technology development. More importantly, it has become an important platform for interactions and communication between international organizations worldwide. This year’s event brings together experts from such international organizations as ONF, MEF, IPv6 Forum, Wide Research Co., Ltd. and ISOC to share their insights on network technology with the audience.



It is reported that China Future Internet Engineering Center (CFIEC) released the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest White Paper at the GNTC, which is a summary of the outcomes from the SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest test activity concluded last month. In the meantime, CFIEC also released the third-party test reports for DCN, H3C and Alibaba Cloud, and demonstrated the test activity in a comprehensive way through Showcase and network test Workshop. In addition, the experts made an on-site inspection on all DCN’s products and gave their heartfelt praise. This is a full recognition of DCN’s researches and products in IPv6.



2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 Fest White Paper Released

At the launch ceremony, CFIEC Chief Engineer Li Zhen reviewed the overall conditions of the test activity, and elaborated on the contents of the white paper, including test environment, test contents and test outcomes. “The SDNFV Fest test activity has been conducted for years successively. We have seen constant improvement in the maturity and overall performance of tested products and solutions. Some participants even ran tests on a whole line of products. This is sufficient to demonstrate that such techniques as SDN, NFV and IPv6 have entered the phase of application,” said Li Zhen at the ceremony.


It is reported that under the support of such operators and technological organizations as CTBRI, China Unicom, ETSI, IPv6 Forum, ONF, OPNFV and China CORD Industry Alliance, DCN, H3C, Alibaba Cloud, FiberHome, Chudian Hudong, IXIA and Xinertel participated in the test activity. CFIEC also demonstrated the test activity in a comprehensive way through Showcase and network test Workshop at the event. “The SDNFV Fest test activity has been conducted for years in a row. We have seen constant improvement in the maturity and overall performance of tested products and solutions. Some participants even ran tests on a whole line of products. This is sufficient to demonstrate that such techniques as SDN, NFV and IPv6 have entered the phase of application,” said Li Zhen at the ceremony.


Iterative development

DCN’s Exchange IPv6 Safety Protection Solution Draws Attention

In addition to keynote speeches and roundtable forums, this year’s conference also set up a series of workshops to ensure face-to-face exchange of views and communication among attendees. At this conference, the host, operators and equipment manufacturers summarized the 2018 SDN+NFV+IPv6 test activity and shared the highlights and new test items of the test activity.



DCN also participated and shared its successful cases at the event. The technical representative from DCN elaborated on various safety risks that may be encountered in the evolution of IPv6, and DCN’s solutions such as basic IPv6 network LAN-side equipment access, all-around IPv6 management channel support, complete IPv6 basic safety protection system, cloud-based perception of network threat situations and centralized risk control. The national IPv6 deployment policy states that 500 million users will have access to IPv6 by 2020 and IPv6 network will cover the entire country by the end of 2025. DCN is ready to contribute to the upcoming IPv6 infrastructure initiative.



For years, DCN has been committed to the research and development of IPv6 products. Since the introduction of IPv6 exchange in 2004, DCN has passed the IPv6 Ready certification, IPv6 Ready enhanced certification, and DHCPv6 IPv6 SNMP test.


Going forward, DCN will stay committed to the innovation and design of solutions based on scenarios, provide industry users with end-to-end solutions, and contribute to the digital transformation and upgrading within the industry. DCN will continue to explore opportunities in sectors, work with users to identify targeted solutions, help users simplify work and create values, and enable the IT upgrading of enterprises. In the meantime, DCN will continue to adapt to the national strategy and meet the demands of the times by taking the widespread deploy of IPv6 as an opportunity, focusing on the network demands of the industry, and cementing its status as a qualified industry+ digital solution provider.



Open a global Cloud era | DCN’s Products Showcased at China-Latvia Trade and Investment Cooperation Meeting

Recently, the China-Latvia Trade and Investment Cooperation Meeting was held in Riga, the capital of Latvia. One Hundred and fifty government officials and representatives from the business sector on the two sides attended the event and discussed bilateral economic and trade cooperation, in a bid to expand the opportunities and outcomes of cooperation. As a shining pearl in the Baltic region, Latvia enjoys exceptional location advantages. Since the Middle Ages, Riga has served as a trading center linking Nordic countries and the continent of Europe as well as Western Europe and Eastern Europe.



In his speech, Sun Yinglai, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Latvia, said that China-Latvia economic and trade cooperation is enjoying rapid development under the 16+1 Cooperation framework, and China will import more high quality products from Latvia and other countries in the world. He also expressed the hope for business leaders from the two countries to strengthen the Belt and Road cooperation, deepen mutual understanding, complement each other’s advantages and meet each other’s demands, and create more opportunities for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, so as to bear more fruits.


DCN’s Products Draw Extensive Attention


As a leading domestic industry+ digital solution provider, DCN showcased its independent controllable products under the four categories of cloud, exchange, wireless and security at the meeting, which received broad attention and recognition within the industry.

Ranking top among the three Baltic countries, Latvia enjoys advantages in electronics, machine manufacturing and chemical engineering. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia, we have seen increased bilateral cooperation in such fields as trade, investment, education and cultural exchanges. China has become an important partner for Latvia, with the rapid growth of bilateral trade and the increasing investment China makes in  in Latvia. All these facts mean that there are many opportunities for cooperation between enterprises from the two countries.


Over the years, DCN has been committed to providing overseas customers with intelligent, safe and integrated network products. When doing business in overseas market, DCN is more concerned about the reliability of its products and techniques. Therefore, at this year’s meeting, DCN showcased the products under the four categories of cloud, exchange, wireless and security, as well as such new cloud-based products as cloud management-based intelligent wireless network platform and cloud desktop focusing on user scenarios, which were praised by industry experts. This lays a solid groundwork for DCN to further develop overseas market.

DCN’s Brand Visibility Enhanced In Foreign Markets


Since it was proposed in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative has scored remarkable achievements, and delivered benefits to all the participants. Under the guidance of BRI, DCN has expanded its service network beyond China to include dozens of countries and regions.


In 2018, DCN’s self-developed hi-tech products were showcased at Convergence India 2018, Communic Asia 2018, China-Kenya Industrial Capacity Cooperation Expo and other well-known events. On November 1, DCN successfully held its overseas cooperative partnership conference in Bali. All these facts further testify to DCN’s prowess as a national brand on the international arena.

Following the guidance of the national strategy and working to meet the demands of the times and the common aspirations for more economic growth worldwide, DCN will continue to pursue innovation, and help users build a more stable, safe and efficient network environment supported by advanced network technology, quality network products and industry-specific solutions.



Open a global Cloud era | DCN debuts in China-Kenya Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition

Recently, the China (Kenya) Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition ended successfully at the Kenyatta International Conference Center in Nairobi. The Exposition is an important event for the implementation of the follow-up actions proposed by Chairman Xi Jinping in the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, a strong power for China-Africa economic and trade cooperation.



The 21st century has witnessed a steady development in  China-Africa economic and trade relations. Since Africa is an important node in the construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and China has the technology, management experience and capital needed for Africa’s industrialization,  capacity cooperation will be the main line of future economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa. In recent years, China and Africa have working together and made the strategies of friendly cooperation, the blueprint for China-Africa cooperation in the new era, the major policies leading the development of China-Africa cooperation, as well as the exchanges and cooperation in various fields. These achievements have strengthened the  China-Africa Comprehensive Strategic and Cooperative Partnership and realized a win-win and common development of China-Africa cooperation at a higher level.


The China (Kenya) Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition, as a national-level platform for Africa-oriented investment trade, a comprehensive display platform for positive images of Africa-oriented cooperation and a cooperation platform for promoting industrial development and agricultural modernization in Africa, has presented a good opportunity for participant enterprises to conduct trade negotiation and meet customers. With the comprehensive display of China’s brands, products and technologies, the Exposition forms a “one-stop” docking platform for the capacity-cooperation-centered China-Africa economic and trade cooperation and the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, high-end and high-efficiency; it has vigorously promoted the investment and trade of Chinese enterprises in the African regions. As one of the representatives of high-tech enterprises, DCN responds to the call of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and debuts with its high-quality DCN Cloud products and network products.


Sailing with Cloud


DCN helps Africa with construction of information

With the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, mobile payment, e-government, and e-commerce have developed rapidly in African countries. “The three major technology trends are affecting the African continent in the aspects of business model, lifestyle, and government management,” said the responsible person of the exposition organizer.


At this exposition, DCN mainly showcased the products in the four major areas of Cloud, Switch, Wi-Fi and security. Now that African countries is carrying out government informationization, DCN, with its strengths in this field, aims to help the African enterprises, governments and relevant departments to build a high-speed and reliable information interaction system.

Stunning Debut

DCN Cloud products win favors


At the exposition, the DCN exposition area is crowded with people, attracting the attention and inquiry of relevant personnel from the government to companies in Kenya. According to the staff in the DCN exposition area, “With the advent of the Cloud era, Cloud has become the infrastructure of the digital economy era. The secure and reliable DCN Cloud products combined with the original network products are trusted much by customers. This is also the main reason why we gain the attention.”


In order to practice the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and implement the spirit of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the DCN service products exhibited at this exposition are all high-tech products of DCN. DCN has its own brand and strong research & development capabilities. It has nearly 100 partners in more than 60 countries and has served more than 20,000 projects. The DCN Cloud products and network products showcased in this exposition can create secure and reliable communication services for governments and enterprises.



Aiming at Overseas

Guarantee global layout with soft and hard strength
The DCN’s overseas strategy is an active response to the state’s “Belt and Road” Initiative. Now this overseas strategy has stood for more than ten years, during which DCN has achieved steady development in terms of business, and has achieved international leading level in both soft and hard strength. The “China Core” data center switch unveiled at this exposition is a proprietary product developed by DCN, which enhances the hard strength of the product and spreads the layout in the overseas market.


In addition to high-quality products, DCN also provides customers with supporting operation and maintenance services. Relevant solutions were also gathered in this exposition, which demonstrate the accumulation and strength of DCN in related fields to the guests present through specific application scenarios such as ISP, hotel, campus, etc.
With the continuous advancement of policies such as the “Belt and Road” Initiative, international cooperation will become more frequent. In line with the requirements of the times and the desire of countries to accelerate development, DCN will continue to innovate, and utilize advanced network technology, ingenious network products and industrial solutions to provide users with a more stable, securer and more efficient network environment. It is coming soon!

Open up a “Core” Era | DCN Makes Its Appearance at Singapore International Communication and Information Expo

Recently, the high-profile 2018 Singapore International Communication and Information Expo had its brand opening. As an important information and communication technology event in Asia, Singapore International Communication and Information Expo has always been an important window for the industry insiders to know about current situation of the industry and find business opportunities. The expo attracted enterprises well-known in global ICT market and industry insiders from all over the world to negotiate and explore on the latest achievements of ICT industry and dig out the business opportunities during the development of ICT industry.

The expo attracted enterprises from China, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Israel and other countries, and it mainly displayed the high-end solutions and products in the field of communication. As an excellent industrial + digital solution provider in China, DCN displayed solutions, products and services from the perspectives of  network, data, system, security for the global audience, and they have received extensive attention and recognition from the industry.

Singapore is an important hub of the world. Its highly developed free economic system has endowed the communications industry an extremely important role in Singapore’s national economy. In other words, Singapore is extremely strict with hardware equipment of the data center supporting the development of the communications industry.
In response to China’s policy of “independent research and development”, DCN, together with MTK develops a data-center switch with “China core” – DCN CS6550-48S6Q-SI Full10G+40G, which has been highly praised by the customers in Singapore. Since the product appears on the market, it has been adopted by the core computer room of the data center of MTK Singapore headquarters, and also it is to be deployed into  the data centers in India, Malaysia, Thailand and other neighboring countries soon. In addition, Singapore will continue to purchase thousands of switches, SFP modules and other products, deploy its urban network, and promote the construction progress of the communications industry. DCN has entered the Singapore market quickly and will move on to explore the potential of the global communications market.

East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone to Help DCN’s Innovation and Development Upgrade by Industrial Aggregation

The establishment and unveiling ceremony of Wuhan Optics Valley DCN Smart Exhibition Center and the DCN Network ICT College was held at China (Hubei) Pilot Free Trade Zone. And the attendees included Dai Xi, the Deputy Director of the East Lake High-Tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and the Full-time Deputy Director of the Wuhan Area Administrative Committee of China (Hubei) Free Trade Zone, Cheng Yahong, the Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administration, Zhong Fuping, the Director of the Reform and Innovation Office of the Free Trade Zone Administration, Wang Zhigang, the Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Office of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone Administration, and Ye Haiqiang, the Vice President of Digital China Group and the President of DCN.

Located at Wuhan East Lake Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Wuhan Optics Valley DCN Smart Exhibition Center and the DCN Network ICT College will focus on the training of ICT innovative and applied talents, and facilitate the education and training projects for the development of the ICT industry chain. The college will launch seven major service systems, including technical training and certification, operation and management, talent training, school-enterprise cooperation, ICT mass innovation laboratory, international exchange and cooperation, and ICT ecological chain consultation, and will provide the industry, colleges and universities, and governments with the customized training programs for the professional talents. Moreover, it will build an ICT training ecosystem and an international innovation education brand, and enable the digital transformation of China’s network by adhering to the time spirit of focusing on reform and innovation.

As the second “National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone”, one of China’s four “Future Sci-Tech Cities” and one of the six world-class science parks, Wuhan Optics Valley will provide strong support for the future development of DCN. DCN will continue to make investment, enhance the scientific and technological innovation, and keep improving the proprietary and controllable products concerning the network, security, storage, big data, solutions and service applications. What is more, it will facilitate the development of the education and training industry by conforming to the industrial trend of digital and intelligent development, and making use of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other high technologies based on the “cloud + education technology”. In short, DCN will promote the industry-university-research cooperation and realize the deep integration between the information technology and the education and teaching.

With the aid of the bonded digital economic platform, DCN will correctly understand relevant policies at home and abroad, actively expand its overseas businesses and drive the development of the Belt and Road Initiative. Additionally, DCN will forge ahead and work hand in hand with Wuhan Optics Valley to make great achievements.