DCN Joins MEF to Step up Global Cooperation

September 24, 2013

DCN Joins MEF to Step up Global Cooperation

Recently, DCN HQ announced its membership of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), positioning DCN as one of the few Chinese vendors to join the organization. It is reported that DCN is working closely with MEF to test its high-end switches on CE2.0 standard. The company is expected to be finally certified as the fourth CE2.0-certified Chinese vendor after Huawei and ZTE. The certification fully reflects DCN’s leading position in China in terms of R&D and service in the field of carrier-class data center switches and also demonstrates DCN’s efforts to step up cooperation with international technology organizations as part of its strategy to expand into overseas markets.

As a non-profit organization dedicated to solving technical problems with metro Ethernet, MEF specializes in formulating standards on carrier-class Ethernet products and services. It comprises 215 members from around the world, mostly operators, telecom and test equipment providers. The organization is dedicated to building a unified and standard metro Ethernet that supports interworking between multi-vendor devices. According to DCN’s engineers, MEF is focused on collaborating with global network technology companies in the following four areas: metro Ethernet architecture, services, protection and QOS, and management. Its major aim is to apply Ethernet technology widely to the construction of metropolitan area networks (MANs) at switching and transmission layers to accelerate the development of metro Ethernet.

According to Chen Xiang, general manager of DCN’s high-end switch product development team (PDT), carrier Ethernet 2.0 or CE 2.0 was first proposed by MEF in early 2005. Specifically, CE is a network that delivers universal and standard carrier-class Ethernet services.  The test mentioned earlier covers technical indexes in five categories: standardized services (private network/virtual private network (VPN), private LAN/virtual private LAN (VPLAN)), scalability (scalable service bandwidth and size), reliability (protection switching in less than l50ms), QoS (guaranteed end-to-end service performance), and carrier-class network management (swift service provisioning and user network management). Chen Xiang commented that CE2.0, as the world’s highest-level test on carrier-class Ethernet, gauges a vendor’s ability to develop high-end Ethernet products.

DCN has been keen to explore overseas markets. As part of the strategy, the company has established an extensive network of channel partners in Europe including countries such as Germany and Poland, CIS countries, Russia, Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, India and Laos, and North American countries such as Canada and the U.S. DCN has deployed networks in many countries and these networks have been operating very well. The entrance into MEF will play a positive role in helping DCN explore overseas operator markets.

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