DCN Makes Its Appearance at CEBIT, Accelerating the Upgrading of Industrial + Digital Solutions

August 6, 2018

DCN Makes Its Appearance at CEBIT, Accelerating the Upgrading of Industrial + Digital Solutions

Recently, CEBIT (Expo of Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication at Hannover, Germany) ended successfully. More than 2,800 enterprises around the world participated in the expo. CEBIT was founded in 1947 and became an independent IT Expo in 1986. Now it is a global festival of information, communication and software.

DCN is an excellent Chinese exhibitor and active implementer of the national independence and controllability strategy; for all these years, DCN has persisted in innovating in technology, aiming to be an industrial + digital solution provider with proprietary brands. With years of industry experience, DCN has deepened cooperation with organizations from all over the world; with the spirit of fighting and innovation, DCN has received high praise from plenty of industry professionals.

DCN’s successful appearance at CEBIT is rooted in the brand quality ensured by independent R&D and continuous innovation; such brand quality has been a strong support to DCN’s overseas projects. The Turkish police station’s appreciation for DCN solution and service is a good example.

Turkey stretches across Europe and Asia; this special geographical location has made Turkey a place of geostrategic importance, a place gathering such contradictions as terrorism and Kurdish question which has been a threat to the safety of Turkey. For this reason, Turkish Police Station has tried every possible way to enhance security management; the monitoring camera is one of the most used tools. Currently, the Turkish Police Station has deployed more than 10,000 cameras throughout the country, and this number keeps going up; consequently, the growing camera network requires more industrial switches. Through comparison and careful selection, the Turkish Police Station makes its final choice –DCN which has perfect solutions and high product quality. The next generation of IS2100D industrial switches provided by DCN to the Turkish Police Station is exclusively designed for industrial applications. With a protection grade of IP40 and an  ultra-wide working temperature of -40°C-85°C, it is suitable for all kinds of severe environment, a right choice for the current demands in Turkey. Meanwhile, its high-strength metal case with a folded structure can shield electromagnetic interference, resist vibration/impact, and can also be used as a radiator. Its fan-free design can prevent dust accumulation and get rid of fan failure. IS2100D industrial switches can provide reliable network access solutions for such special industrial environment which is high temperature, full of dust or with strong electromagnetic interference. The guide-rail or wall-mounted design is convenient for deployment at industrial sites.

The controllable DIN guide-rail industrial switches under IS2100D series have a store-and-forward mode. The integrated high-performance switching engine fully meets IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u standard, and is capable of non-blocking wire-speed forwarding. Meanwhile, it has QoS and traffic shaping functions, which meet the potential demands of the Turkish Police Station.

During testing, DCN’s traffic shaping function is capable of more smoothly transmission of the video streaming, which is highly praised by the Turkeisk partner Akgünİnceoğlu. According to Akgünİnceoğlu,” I tested the products of DCN under the actual environment in the Houses of Parliament of Turkey, the General Administration of Police under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the city monitoring system. The test results are great. The products have an excellent shaping effect on the test ports, and the video streaming is stable”.

High Quality to help Czechic Customers Get High-Value Projects

In addition to the success in Turkey, DCN has also been highly appreciated by ELI Beamlines Research Center from the suburb of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

ELI Beamlines Research Center expected to install and operate the most powerful laser system in the world to provide the users with unique source of radiation and beam of particles which has an ultra-high peak power of 10 PW (watt) and a focusing intensity as high as 1024W/cm2. With great scientific value, such beams of light will not only help make breakthrough researches in the field of physics and materials science, but also help conduct the biomedical researches and laboratory astrophysics researches.

In order to make the laser intensity higher than the existing technical level by over 6 orders of magnitude, ELI Beamlines required to deploy a cost-effective switch equipped with 1Gb access layer with 10Gb uplink, and a 10Gb switch with L3 advanced functions and high-density polymeric layer, which will provide stack support to ensure high availability and core-network-based interoperability based on core network.

Based on the customer’s requirements, DCN used high-performance L3 lite series switches – S5750E series to provide 1G access function to the customer. At the same time, in the convergence layer, DCN used the data center switch – CS6500 switch as the 10G port to provide high performance and high density features and the 40G super-large uplink. The port relay between the access and converging switches based on VSF technology has good compatibility while providing high availability of links.

Establish the Industrial Advantages of DCN in International Market through Innovation

Over the years, DCN has always been in the forefront of network vendors by virtue of independent R&D and continuous innovation. In the future, DCN will insist on independent R &D and continuous innovation, and devote itself to the international ICT market with a broader mind and a more positive attitude. It will display Chinese enterprises’ feature through products and services.

At present, DCN has several overseas partners around the world and has established five major sales areas in Europe, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and North America, and three RMA centers in Russia, Czech and Shenzhen.

DCN will continue its concept of trust and win-win cooperation and insist innovating, to produce more stable networks for more users at home and abroad with better products, more reasonable solutions and more considerate services.