DCN’s Trip to Southeast Asia under Belt and Road Initiative — Bali

November 26, 2018

DCN’s Trip to Southeast Asia under Belt and Road Initiative — Bali

Since China put forward the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, numerous players in digitization, including DCN, have been competing with their domestic and foreign peers! Against this context, DCN has visited Southeast Asia to meet its like-minded friends in Bali, Djakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila, with a view to make joint efforts to achieve a better future.

Bali is an exotic island where we can enjoy bright sunshine, boundless beaches, whistling coconut trees, etc. Today, we come here, keeping our eyes and hearts open for such beautiful scenery and also for cooperation and innovation in Cloud, and being ready for feeling the Energy of Cloud.



Energy of Cloud! A glance of DCN2018 Global Partner Conference

On November 1, 2018, DCN held the 2018 Global Partner Conference, themed “Energy of Cloud”, in Bali, Indonesia. In the conference, Guo Wei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital China, together with a team of DCN executives discussed the opportunities and challenges in the new era with hundreds of foreign partners as well as domestic golden partners, with an aim to achieve a innovation future through mutual assistance and joint efforts.


Take Cloud as foundation and deepen cooperation


“‘A digital China’ is the original intention and mission of Digital China,” said Ye Haiqiang, Vice President of Digital China. According to him, since its founding in 2001, Digital China has been engaged in IT infrastructure construction, comprehensive IT services and Cloud and Big Data, throughout which it has always been insisting on enabling enterprises’ and industries’ digital transformation. In 2018, Digital China, based on its brand, resources and channel advantages obtained from over 20 years’ efforts in China’s IT market, focused on AGG, MSP and ISV, and provided corporate customers with full life-cycle Cloud services and digital solutions.

DCN has deployed its business in security, wireless, switching, routing, training rooms, and storage & application, and owns 510 types of products, providing a solid foundation for Cloud and Big Data development. Moreover, DCN has extended its business to more than 50 countries around the world, served more than 100 overseas partners in more than 20,000 projects, and won their trust.

The continuous implementation of policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative will lead to more and more frequent international cooperation, so at this conference, Digital China launched a “Golden Bridge Club” for partners at home and abroad. After joining the “Golden Bridge Club”, partners will have access to advanced digital technologies and products, receive relevant skill training and certification, and get opportunities for communication and cooperation with other members, to jointly embrace the future of the era of digital economy. “We will face the changes in the era of digital economy together with our global partners!” said Ye Haiqiang.


March globally with great hard power and soft power


During the process of serving overseas customers for many years, Digital China’s own products and methods have been constantly updating and innovating. At this conference, the release of DCN’s Cloud products and switching and value-added products has attracted much attention. To be specific, as a new model of “Network as Service”, DCN Cloud supports wired/wireless, IoT and Big Data technologies, and constantly upgrades management automation. Its open architecture can be integrated with various complementary services from third parties, so as to enhance the value of user’s networks. Besides, it should be noted that the first data center switch with a “Chinese Chip”, which is developed jointly by DCN and MTK, was officially released at this conference. All the new products released, also including gateway and wireless products, are evidence of DCN product system’s improved hard power and enable customers to have better network experience.

In addition to those quality products, DCN also provides supporting operation, maintenance and services to customers. Relevant technologies and solutions were unveiled at this conference. Based on specific scenarios of application such as ISPs, hotels and campuses, DCN showed its achievements and strengths in related fields to the participants at the conference.

Partners from relevant countries also talked about their own experience and cooperation with Digital China. Mr. Jarek, Sales Director of Salumanus in Poland, mentioned that since 2011 when Salumanus became an exclusive agent of DCN in Poland, DCN’s products had served more than 204 Polish customers with a turnover of more than 3730 pcs devices. He wished a greater success next year!

Turkey’s Coptek became a DCN partner in 2009. According to an executive of Coptek, DCN’s products have won many project contracts against Cisco and Extreme with their excellent quality and rich software functions. After years of layout and market development, DCN has become the second brand for network products to the Turkish government, covering a wide range of government customers.

NAG, one of the largest telecom equipment suppliers in Russia and in the CIS region, is an important partner of DCN in Russia’s ISP field. The head of NAG said that the two parties had cooperated for over 8 years, during which they had installed more than three million Ethernet ports and provided equipment for hundreds of ISP suppliers, winning high recognition and full trust from customers.


Cloud drives revolution to digital future


At present, digital transformation has become an important economic growth point globally. Choosing right partners is the foundation for successful digital transformation. IDC believes that a mature Cloud service partner is supposed to have good and time-honored brands, insight into customer demands, capability of providing customized IT service and integrating systems and experience in multi-Cloud management, and to be a third-party Cloud service provider holding a neutral position.


At the last round-table discussion of the conference, when it came to how Digital China enables digital transformation, Guo Wei said: “Digital China actually is able to enable digital transformation. Our company is an IT distributor and also a Cloud service provider. And we have accumulated much experience in successfully matching our Cloud services with the actual operation environment for many industries’ informatization. We hope to continuously expand channels of communication, deepen cooperation with partners from all countries, create more new value growth points, and lead transformation with Cloud and Big Data, so as to control the future with digital technologies!”