FORTUNEChina 500: Digital China Remains in Top 100

July 16, 2017

FORTUNEChina 500: Digital China Remains in Top 100

July 16th, Fortune China released Top 500 corporations in China. Digital China Holdings Limited announced that it ranked 83th due to its overall competitive strengths. The Group has remained in top 100 of the list for 4 straight years.

Based on a comprehensive analysis for all Chinese enterprises listed both in China and overseas markets, Fortune China magazine picked corporates according to a wide range of parameters, including their asset size, profitability, growth potential, resources utilization and other financial indicators recorded for the calendar year ended December 2012. During the calendar year of 2012, the Group achieved total revenue of RMB 59.956 billion. It recorded revenue of HK$73.499 billion for the financial year ended 31 March 2013.

The inclusion of Digital China in top 100 of “Fortune China 500” for four straight years not only highlights the Group’s leading position in the IT industry, but also reflects the wide recognition of its significant contributions to China’s informatization through the Sm@rt City strategy.

Digital China is now China’s leading “Smart City expert” that boasts a forward-looking theoretical structure and has the largest stock of successful cases. It becomes an engine to drive China’s economic transformation.