Go Abroad 丨 Yunke China Information Technology Limited (DCN) Attended Convergence India

June 6, 2018

Go Abroad 丨 Yunke China Information Technology Limited (DCN) Attended Convergence India

 “Convergence India”, one of the most famous global ICT expo has been successfully held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India recently. This expo has attracted 667 exhibitors and nearly 15,000 visitors from over 30 countries. “Convergence India” is jointly supported by India Ministry of Telecommunications, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. As the largest ICT expo in South Asia, it has been successfully held for 26 sessions since 1993 and attracted more and more global professionals.

DCN displayed its series solutions in this exhibition and received attention and praise from global professionals.

Intelligent Campus Solution

“Intelligent Campus Solution” is a total campus network solution provided by DCN, which is characterized by the following:


  • Easy deployment: unique ultrathin in-wall AP WL8200-WL2 designed with X86 makes deployment easier;
  • Time-based WIFI: WIFI could be flexibly turned on or off according to campus demands;
  • High-density access: It could meet the demands of indoor & outdoor access in campus;
  • Unified management: unified management could be realized from switch to wireless AP;
  • Full GE POE switch provides 802.3af/at power supply, demands of different scenarios could be satisfied;
  • ERPS/MSTP ring protection protocol: network availability could be increased.

Good higher education is the strong guarantee for national sustainable development. However, as one of the BRICS with the fastest national economic development speed at present, Indian infrastructure construction of higher education is seriously inadequate in terms of promoting fair education opportunity and improving education quality with critical shortage of infrastructures and resources. Therefore, Indian government implemented NME ICT project. DCN, by virtue of its advantages in products and solutions, became one of the suppliers of basic network equipment in this project and earned a reputation in the field of network construction for higher education in India.

Up to now, DCN has cooperated with several Indian universities and colleges and, in the future, will provide more support to Indian education projects and institutions, promoting education development.

Intelligent Hotel Solution

As we know, hotel network management is a time and resources consuming work but resulting in bad user experience due to no roaming for sticky clients, slow access speed, frequent off-line and other problems, which are directly caused by large space and dense crowd in the hotel. “Intelligent Hotel Solution” is developed by DCN based on hotel network characteristics; with four major features including “full coverage, easy installation and management, unified management and seamless roaming”, it could provide reliable, high-speed access, never off-line and seamless roaming WIFI network to hotels with frequent and crowed customers, meeting the demands of different users on wired and wireless network, effective improving user experience and reducing maintenance costs.

“Intelligent Hotel Solution” from DCN serves world-class hotels, making you and your customers enjoy intelligent life.

Innovating Your Network by Clouding WiFi

“Clouding WiFi”, the flagship product of DCN, is the latest and elaborate solution based on cloud equipment and wireless terminal management developed by DNC based on fully research on technology development tendency. With “802.11ac wave2 AP” characterized by the cutting-edge technology of “three-frequency and eight- spatial stream” as the core, it integrates with multiple services such as “device management–AAA–NMS–Portal service –wireless AC”, being capable of providing multiple-level management functions.

DCN, depending on its rich practical experience, has actively responded to customers’ demands and provided considerate and timely after-sale service for many years. We cooperate with local partners to provide local and on-site support to customers, which has won unanimous recognition and good reputation from oversea customers.

In the future, DCN will continuously explore new methods, optimize your network and provide practicable products and solutions for domestic and oversea customers.