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Yunke China Information Technology Limited (Earlier name as DIGITAL CHINA NETWORKS LIMITED, DCN for short), as subsidiary of Digital China Group (Stock code: SZ000034), is a leading data communications equipments and solution provider. Deriving from Lenovo, DCN was launched into the network market in 1997 with company philosophy of “Client-oriented, Technology-driven and Service-preference”.

Open a global Cloud era ︱ DCN Attends CEATEC, Brings Better Future and Life with Cloud


From October 15 to 18, 2019, CEATEC (2019 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) was held in Makuhari Messe – Nippon Convention Center in Chiba, Japan, where relevant talents, advanced technologies and industry information around the world gathered. As a well-known cloud and network manufacturer, DCN, with its industry-leading Internet solutions and specific application scenarios, shows the guests and clients its achievements and strength in relevant fields and its aim to improve the network value of users, provide users with better network experience, and connect users to better life.

Representing a future trend, DCN’s cloud products are popular

During this CEATEC, DCN’s booth attracts an endless stream of visitors and a large number of enterprises, governments, operators and other clients. DCN’s Intelligent Cloud Platform and Cloud WiFi are very attractive and widely recognized in the market.

The Intelligent Cloud Platform is a new mode of network service provided by DCN. It realizes network service and management based on the cloud, and simplifies, intelligentizes and visualizes the complex network management to improve the users’ network experience. Featuring easy management, easy maintenance, large capacity and high performance, it is a cloud management platform integrating authentication, management, wireless control, etc.

The Cloud WiFi mainly includes wireless controllers independently developed by DCN. Featuring easy management, easy maintenance and high performance, they integrate authentication, network management, wireless control, etc., and are customized for small and medium-sized campus networks, enterprises incapable of IT management, etc. They may be used with DCN’s intelligent wireless APs, switches, gateways and other network devices, and provide users with network applications characterized by easy deployment, easy maintenance and easy expansion.

Connecting to better life, DCN’s cloud+ industry solutions gain recognition

DCN has been serving overseas clients for many years, during which it has been launching new products, technologies and solutions. In addition to the Intelligent Cloud Platform and Cloud WiFi, related products including the Unified Gateway, Data Storage, Next-Generation Firewall and Ethernet Internet also appear at the expo. Visitors have in-depth exchanges with DCN’s staff on the network solutions for specific application scenarios, such as ISPs, hotels and campuses, and they highly praise such network solutions.

Particularly the Smart Hotel solution, by integrating DCN’s cloud and network products and technologies, solves the difficult problems faced by the hotel industry, realizes high-density access and full signal coverage, and meets the demands for high-speed Internet access, network security and marketing. It provides the users with scenario-based wireless coverage, and meets the requirements of the hotel industry for wireless access security, network behavior security, centralized management on decentralized equipment and management on exit design.

With overseas deployment, DCN supports global information construction

With such ever-deepening policies as the Belt and Road initiative, international cooperation will become more and more frequent. Responding to the requirements of the times and the aspirations of all countries to accelerate their development, DCN has made overseas deployment to establish its independent overseas marketing service system covering more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of the Independent States.

Considering the new trend of urbanization-informatization integration, DCN will give full play to its strength and professionalism in the field of data communication, actively deploy resources in big data, security and other fields, provide users with intelligent, safe and integrated network products, solutions and high-quality services, support the global information construction, well serve as a supplier of main equipment and services for infrastructure construction of smart cities, and connect the global users to better future and life.

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