Open a global Cloud era | DCN debuts in China-Kenya Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition

November 24, 2018

Open a global Cloud era | DCN debuts in China-Kenya Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition

Recently, the China (Kenya) Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition ended successfully at the Kenyatta International Conference Center in Nairobi. The Exposition is an important event for the implementation of the follow-up actions proposed by Chairman Xi Jinping in the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, a strong power for China-Africa economic and trade cooperation.



The 21st century has witnessed a steady development in  China-Africa economic and trade relations. Since Africa is an important node in the construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and China has the technology, management experience and capital needed for Africa’s industrialization,  capacity cooperation will be the main line of future economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa. In recent years, China and Africa have working together and made the strategies of friendly cooperation, the blueprint for China-Africa cooperation in the new era, the major policies leading the development of China-Africa cooperation, as well as the exchanges and cooperation in various fields. These achievements have strengthened the  China-Africa Comprehensive Strategic and Cooperative Partnership and realized a win-win and common development of China-Africa cooperation at a higher level.


The China (Kenya) Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition, as a national-level platform for Africa-oriented investment trade, a comprehensive display platform for positive images of Africa-oriented cooperation and a cooperation platform for promoting industrial development and agricultural modernization in Africa, has presented a good opportunity for participant enterprises to conduct trade negotiation and meet customers. With the comprehensive display of China’s brands, products and technologies, the Exposition forms a “one-stop” docking platform for the capacity-cooperation-centered China-Africa economic and trade cooperation and the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, high-end and high-efficiency; it has vigorously promoted the investment and trade of Chinese enterprises in the African regions. As one of the representatives of high-tech enterprises, DCN responds to the call of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and debuts with its high-quality DCN Cloud products and network products.


Sailing with Cloud


DCN helps Africa with construction of information

With the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, mobile payment, e-government, and e-commerce have developed rapidly in African countries. “The three major technology trends are affecting the African continent in the aspects of business model, lifestyle, and government management,” said the responsible person of the exposition organizer.


At this exposition, DCN mainly showcased the products in the four major areas of Cloud, Switch, Wi-Fi and security. Now that African countries is carrying out government informationization, DCN, with its strengths in this field, aims to help the African enterprises, governments and relevant departments to build a high-speed and reliable information interaction system.

Stunning Debut

DCN Cloud products win favors


At the exposition, the DCN exposition area is crowded with people, attracting the attention and inquiry of relevant personnel from the government to companies in Kenya. According to the staff in the DCN exposition area, “With the advent of the Cloud era, Cloud has become the infrastructure of the digital economy era. The secure and reliable DCN Cloud products combined with the original network products are trusted much by customers. This is also the main reason why we gain the attention.”


In order to practice the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and implement the spirit of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the DCN service products exhibited at this exposition are all high-tech products of DCN. DCN has its own brand and strong research & development capabilities. It has nearly 100 partners in more than 60 countries and has served more than 20,000 projects. The DCN Cloud products and network products showcased in this exposition can create secure and reliable communication services for governments and enterprises.



Aiming at Overseas

Guarantee global layout with soft and hard strength
The DCN’s overseas strategy is an active response to the state’s “Belt and Road” Initiative. Now this overseas strategy has stood for more than ten years, during which DCN has achieved steady development in terms of business, and has achieved international leading level in both soft and hard strength. The “China Core” data center switch unveiled at this exposition is a proprietary product developed by DCN, which enhances the hard strength of the product and spreads the layout in the overseas market.


In addition to high-quality products, DCN also provides customers with supporting operation and maintenance services. Relevant solutions were also gathered in this exposition, which demonstrate the accumulation and strength of DCN in related fields to the guests present through specific application scenarios such as ISP, hotel, campus, etc.
With the continuous advancement of policies such as the “Belt and Road” Initiative, international cooperation will become more frequent. In line with the requirements of the times and the desire of countries to accelerate development, DCN will continue to innovate, and utilize advanced network technology, ingenious network products and industrial solutions to provide users with a more stable, securer and more efficient network environment. It is coming soon!