Open a global Cloud era | DCN’s Products Showcased at China-Latvia Trade and Investment Cooperation Meeting

November 26, 2018

Open a global Cloud era | DCN’s Products Showcased at China-Latvia Trade and Investment Cooperation Meeting

Recently, the China-Latvia Trade and Investment Cooperation Meeting was held in Riga, the capital of Latvia. One Hundred and fifty government officials and representatives from the business sector on the two sides attended the event and discussed bilateral economic and trade cooperation, in a bid to expand the opportunities and outcomes of cooperation. As a shining pearl in the Baltic region, Latvia enjoys exceptional location advantages. Since the Middle Ages, Riga has served as a trading center linking Nordic countries and the continent of Europe as well as Western Europe and Eastern Europe.



In his speech, Sun Yinglai, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Latvia, said that China-Latvia economic and trade cooperation is enjoying rapid development under the 16+1 Cooperation framework, and China will import more high quality products from Latvia and other countries in the world. He also expressed the hope for business leaders from the two countries to strengthen the Belt and Road cooperation, deepen mutual understanding, complement each other’s advantages and meet each other’s demands, and create more opportunities for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, so as to bear more fruits.


DCN’s Products Draw Extensive Attention


As a leading domestic industry+ digital solution provider, DCN showcased its independent controllable products under the four categories of cloud, exchange, wireless and security at the meeting, which received broad attention and recognition within the industry.

Ranking top among the three Baltic countries, Latvia enjoys advantages in electronics, machine manufacturing and chemical engineering. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia, we have seen increased bilateral cooperation in such fields as trade, investment, education and cultural exchanges. China has become an important partner for Latvia, with the rapid growth of bilateral trade and the increasing investment China makes in  in Latvia. All these facts mean that there are many opportunities for cooperation between enterprises from the two countries.


Over the years, DCN has been committed to providing overseas customers with intelligent, safe and integrated network products. When doing business in overseas market, DCN is more concerned about the reliability of its products and techniques. Therefore, at this year’s meeting, DCN showcased the products under the four categories of cloud, exchange, wireless and security, as well as such new cloud-based products as cloud management-based intelligent wireless network platform and cloud desktop focusing on user scenarios, which were praised by industry experts. This lays a solid groundwork for DCN to further develop overseas market.

DCN’s Brand Visibility Enhanced In Foreign Markets


Since it was proposed in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative has scored remarkable achievements, and delivered benefits to all the participants. Under the guidance of BRI, DCN has expanded its service network beyond China to include dozens of countries and regions.


In 2018, DCN’s self-developed hi-tech products were showcased at Convergence India 2018, Communic Asia 2018, China-Kenya Industrial Capacity Cooperation Expo and other well-known events. On November 1, DCN successfully held its overseas cooperative partnership conference in Bali. All these facts further testify to DCN’s prowess as a national brand on the international arena.

Following the guidance of the national strategy and working to meet the demands of the times and the common aspirations for more economic growth worldwide, DCN will continue to pursue innovation, and help users build a more stable, safe and efficient network environment supported by advanced network technology, quality network products and industry-specific solutions.