CS6500-SI Dual Stack 40G Ethernet-коммутаторы ЦОД

CS6500-SI next-generation data center 40G switch has advanced hardware and software architecture design, built-in modular 1+1 redundant power supplies, 4+1 redundant fans

General Details
CS6500-SI next-generation data center 40G switch has advanced hardware and software architecture design, built-in modular 1+1 redundant power supplies, 4+1 redundant fans, cross ventilation and wind direction adjustable. CS6500-SI supports data center features such as Data Center Bridging*, VEPA* fully applicable to the data center TOR (Top of Rack) application requirements of the switch.

CS6500-SI includes 24/48*10GE SFP+ ports and 2/4*40G QSFP+ ports. CS6500-SI supports IPv6 with hardware and passes the IPv6 form certification Phase II. With the abundant IPv6 features, the product can also work for next generation network.

CS6500-SI is ideal for cloud computing data center server access, core switch of small to medium datacenter. For campus or other large network, CS6500-SI could also be deployed at aggregation or core layer as its high performance and reliability.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Performance and Scalability

With high switching capacity, CS6500-SI supports wire-speed L2/L3 forwarding and high routing performance for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity of CS6500-SI is accomplished via a hot-pluggable 10 Gigabit SFP+ transceiver which supports distance up to 300 meters over multimode fiber and 10 to 40km over single-mode fiber (The distance depends the optical module chosen).

CS6500-SI supports modular redundant AC and DC power supplies for different environment applications.


  • Full Data Center Features*

As new generation data center switch, CS6500-SI supports full data center features such as

DCB*(Data Center Bridging),VEPA*(Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator), which not only improves the efficiency, guarantees the flexibility, but also enhanced the scalability of datacenter network.


  • OpenFlow

CS6500-SI supports OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3 standard protocol. OpenFlow network is increasingly becoming a trend as the core protocol of SDN network. It makes the network easier programming OpenFlow brings the high performance to datacenter users via self-defined network. With OpenFlow, this product is ideal to build SDN test-bed for research institutes and SDN Experimental Bureau for large ISP and operator.


  • VSF(Virtual Switch Framework)

Virtual Switch Framework could virtualize multiple DCN switches into one logical device, achieves the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. The performance and ports density of virtualized device are greatly enlarged by times under VSF. VSF also provides simplified management work for network administrator and more reliability.


  • Full Optical Port

CS6500-SI supports abundant optical connection ports to construct full optical network and increases the performance of networks.


  • Rich L3 Features

CS6500-SI delivers high-performance, hardware based IP routing.

RIP, OSPF and BGP provide dynamic routing by exchanging routing information with other Layer 3 switches and routers.

With CS6500-SI, customers could easily achieve Policy based Route(PBR), which is important when they need multi exit application.


  • Strong Multicast

CS6500-SI supports abundant multicast features such as IGMPv1/v2/v3 snooping and fast leave and IGMPv1/v2/v3, PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM and even MSDP. With Multicast VLAN Register (MVR), multicast receiver/sender control and illegal multicast source detection functions, CS6500-SI provides great application experience for customer.



CS6500-SI supports MPLS L3 VPN/MPLS L2 VPN(VPLS) and helps customer to construct more secure/extendable network. With max.255 VRF instances, CS6500-SI series could be deployed as P & PE devices, guarantees the variety of services.


  • Easy high reliability network

MRPP is Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol, which is DCN’s private fast Ethernet ring protocol. Comparing to spanning tree protocol, it has advantages of fast convergence, simple protocol calculation, less system resources cost and so on, which can improve the reliability of Ethernet network operation.


  • Comprehensive QoS

With 8 queues per port, CS6500-SI enables differentiated management of up to 8 traffic types. The traffic is prioritized according to IEEE802.1p, DSCP, IP precedence and TCP/UDP port number, giving optimal performance to real-time applications such as voice and video.

CS6500-SI also supports Bi-directional rate-limiting, per port or traffic class, preserves network bandwidth and allows full control of network resources.


  • Enhanced Security

IEEE 802.1X port-based access control and MAC-based access control ensure all users are authorized before being granted access to the network.

Ingress/Egress Access Control Lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by denying packets based on L2/L3/L4 headers information. And for some services are based on time, the product can support time based ACL to match the requirement.

Secure Shell (SSH) encrypts network management information via Telnet providing secure network management.

RADIUS/TACACS Authentication enables centralized control of the switch and restricts unauthorized users from altering the configuration of the switch.


  • Abundant IPv6 Support

CS6500-SI supports IPv6 switching and routing based on hardware for maximum performance. With increased network devices growing and the need for larger addressing and higher security becomes critical, CS6500-SI will be a right product to meet the requirement. CS6500-SI passed IPv6 form Phase II certification, which is the best proof of the application.

Physical port48 * 10G SFP+ and 4 * 40G QSFP+24 * 10G SFP+ and 2 * 40G QSFP+
Management port10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ethernet Management port

USB2.0 Management port*

Switching Capacity1280Gbps640Gbps
MAC Address128K
Routing Table16K
L3 Table16K
DimensionW*H*D: 438mm*44mm*433.3mmW*H*D: 438mm*44mm*431.3mm
Relative Humidity10%~90% non-condensing
TemperatureWorking 0°C~45°C, storage -40°C~75°C
Power InputAC: 100~240V,50~60 Hz

DC: -48V-52V

Power Supply1+1 Modular Redundant
Power Consumption336W200W
MTBF>=200000 Hours
Main Features
L1, L2 FeaturesIEEE 802.3(10Base-T), IEEE 802.3u(100Base-TX), IEEE 802.3z(1000BASE-X)

IEEE 802.3ab(1000Base-T), IEEE 802.3ae(10GBase), IEEE802.3x

IEEE 802.3ak(10GBASE-CX4)

IEEE 802.3ba

12k Jumbo Frame

Port Loopback Detect



802.3ad LACP, max 128 group trunks with max 8 ports for each trunk

LACP Load Balance

N:1 Port Mirroring






Root Guard

BPDU Guard

BPDU Tunnel

802.1Q, 4096 VLAN


QinQ, Selective QinQ, Flexible QinQ


N:1 VLAN Translation

Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control

IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping and L2 Query

ND Snooping

MLDv1/v2 Snooping

Port Security
Flow control: HOL, IEEE802.3x

Bandwidth Control

L3 FeaturesStatic Routing, RIPv1/v2,OSPFv2, BGP4


OSPF Multiple Process

LPM Routing

Policy-based Routing(PBR) for IPv4 and IPv6





IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP Proxy,


Static Multicast Route

Multicast Receive Control

Illegal Multicast Source Detection

ARP Guard, Local ARP Proxy, Proxy ARP, ARP Binding, Gratuitous ARP, ARP Limit

Anti ARP/NDP Cheat, Anti ARP/NDP Scan

DNS Client
GRE Tunnel
IPv66to4 Tunnel, Configured Tunnel, ISATAP Tunnel, GRE Tunnel


IPv6 LPM Routing,IPv6 Policy-Based Routing(PBR)



MLD Snooping,IPv6 Muticast VLAN

MLDv1/v2, PIM-SM/DM for IPv6, IPv6 Anycast RP, IPv6 ACL, IPv6 QOS

QoS8 Queues


Traffic Classification Based on 802.1p CoS, ToS , DiffServ DSCP, ACL, port number

Traffic Shaping

PRI Mark/Remark


Standard and Expanded ACL Based on source/destination IP or MAC, IP protocol, TCP/UDP port, DSCP, ToS, IP Precedence), VLAN, Tag/Untag,CoS

REDIRECT and accounting based ACL

Rules can be configured to port, VLAN, VLAN routing interfaces

Time ranged ACL

Security802.1x AAA

Port, MAC based authentication

Accounting based on time length and traffic

Guest VLAN and Auto VLAN

RADIUS for IPv4 and IPv6
TACACS+ for IPv4 and IPv6
DHCPv4/v6DHCP Server/Client for IPv4/IPv6

DHCP Relay/Option 82

DHCP Snooping/Option 82

Traffic MonitorIP FIX* traffic monitor, 1:1

sFlow Traffic Analysis

Security Network ManagementCLI, WEB, Telnet, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 through IPv4 and IPv6

Syslog and external Syslog server





RMOM 1,2,3,9

Authentication by radius

SSH v1/v2

Dual firmware images/ Configuration files

802.3ah OAM, 802.1ag OAM*

OpenFlow 1.0/1.3.

(support open controller Opendaylight, Floodlight, Ryu, Pox, etc.)

Data Center Features*DCB*(Data Center Bridging)

l   802.1Qbb: Priority-based Flow Control (PFC)

l   802.1Qaz: Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS and DCBX)

l   802.1Qau: Congestion Notification (CN/QCN)

IEEE VEPA*(Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator)

VSF(Virtual Switch Framework)

Order Information
CS6500-24S2Q-SI/E40G Ethernet Optical Routing Switch, 24 * 10G SFP+ and 2 * 40G QSFP+ ports. Standard with no power module, 5 fan modules. At most, 2 power modules (1+1 redundancy) and  5 fan modules (4+1 redundancy) can be installed in this switch.
CS6500-48S4Q-SI/E40G Ethernet Optical Routing Switch, 48 * 10G SFP+ and 4 * 40G QSFP+ ports. Standard with no power module, 5 fan modules. At most, 2 power modules (1+1 redundancy) and  5 fan modules (4+1 redundancy) can be installed in this switch.
M6000-ACAC Power Supply Module (460W) for CS6500-24S2Q-SI/ CS6500-48S4Q-SI and CS6200-48T4S-EI
M6000-FANFan module for CS6500-24S2Q-SI/ CS6500-48S4Q-SI and CS6200-48T4S-EI
QSFP-SR40G QSFP module (OM3 100m, OM4 150m), MTP
AOC-SFPX-10MAOC cable with 2 10G(SFP+) modules, 10m, suitable for SFP+ ports on same model of switch, can be used for VSF
DAC-SFPX-3MDAC cable with 2 10G(SFP+) modules, 3m, suitable for SFP+ ports on same model of switch, can be used for VSF
DAC-QSFP-5MDAC cable with 2 40G(QSFP) modules, 5m, suitable for QSFP ports on same model of switch, can be used for VSF