DCLM Integrated NMS Platform

DCN Link Manager (DCLM) is an integrated platform for managing wired and wireless network equipment throughout the lifecycle of the wired and wireless network equipment.

General Details
DCN Link Manager (DCLM) is an integrated platform for managing wired and wireless network equipment throughout the lifecycle of the wired and wireless network equipment. It is capable of comprehensive management in all aspects, such as planning, implementation, monitoring, configuration, problem handling, and problem reporting.

  • Wired/Wireless Integrated Management

The DCLM provides users with a complete angle of wired/wireless integration, so that users can comprehensively understand the running status of their enterprise networks.

The DCLM provides visualized application guarantee and troubleshooting functions, thereby improving user experience to the utmost extent.

The DCLM provides integrated management, which enables users to perform monitoring and troubleshooting and make reports at ease. Users can easily locate any network fault, resolve bandwidth bottlenecks, and remove obstacles during WLAN access.

The DCLM simplifies network management, improves operating efficiency, and reduces man-made errors.


  • Powerful Network Topology

Users can check network connections and network traffic through a custom network topology diagram.

The states of devices and links, as well as the bandwidths and rates of the links are clearly presented to users through custom icons and colors.

The system automatically discovers network topologies, and comprehensively supports network devices of DCN and third-party vendors.

Alarm information about network devices and links is displayed from bottom to top on the network topology diagram.


  • Wi-Fi Monitoring

The DCLM-WLAN component is an ideal platform that enables IT administrators to monitor a large-scale WLAN, so as to maintain high system performance and provide mobile terminals with first-grade usage experience. The DCLM-WLAN automatically traces traffic, bandwidth, usage, capability, and utilization information about each WLAN device and each mobile subscriber.

Collecting and displaying mobile client session information and historical user information.

Displaying information about WLAN network devices and mobile subscribers, a topology diagram, and a Wi-Fi thermograph

Collecting and supporting information about mobile devices

Displaying top-10 network traffic in the network range and usage bottlenecks

Displaying the WLAN network topology with visible wired network connections and performing troubleshooting

Displaying details about devices and mobile client dashboards

Providing wireless security monitoring and defense, information about rogue APs or clients, and events about wireless attacks

Supporting WLAN network monitoring and threshold configuration


  • Thermograph and Location Service

The DCLM-WLAN component provides a real-time RF thermograph, which shows the coverage and strength of RF signals on a floor map. The RF thermograph, along with industry-leading WLAN location services, enables users to comprehensively understand the RF environment.

Displaying and filtering RF information about mobile clients served by an AP

Displaying information about the coverage of an AP, the running status of the AP, the alarm device, channels, power, client throughput, and WLAN capacity

Allowing users to add buildings and surrounding barriers on a floor map

Displaying unauthorized APs and unauthorized clients on the map

Supporting campus, building, and floor maps


  • WLAN Planning

The DCLM provides a WLAN planning module to help users perform WLAN planning before deploying their WLANs.

The DCLM planning module comprehensively takes into consideration the building materials, structure, AP configuration, antenna mode, and other parameters, thereby providing a reliable Wi-Fi signal and performance prediction diagram.

The DCLM provides advanced prediction models used to determine an ideal number of APs, the locations of the APs, and the configurations of the APs, so as to obtain optimal security, performance, and compliance.

The DCLM supports all DCN APs as well as Omni and directional antennas.

The DCLM supports WLAN planning reports.


  • Fault Diagnosis and Root Cause Analysis

The DCLM-WLAN component easily resolves issues about large-scale service interruption and downgrade of a WLAN. It allows IT administrators to quickly identify and resolve network problems in an entire WLAN or on a wired network.

Network fault diagnosis for mobile terminal users based on IP or MAC addresses

Fully searching network devices and easily discovering device performance faults or problems on the dashboard

Integrating a mechanism for flexibly and intelligently reporting alarms through emails, short messages, or scripts to resolve problems discovered on a network

Rule-based alarm association and root cause analysis

Supporting alarm propagation and displaying the severest alarms and related counters on a map to help more quickly resolve problems


  • Network Report

The DCLM provides pre-defined and individualized network reports to help IT administrators have an eye to the development trend of the network and ensure effective access to data on the correct network in the correct time and correct format.

The pre-defined daily, weekly, and monthly reports enable users to quickly obtain a network report of any single point.

Advanced and custom reports enable users to generate any report that contains any network parameter in any format within any time, and sort these reports from any device group or in a Top N manner.

Reports can be set, so that they are automatically generated and periodically sent to IT administrators.

The DCLM supports a variety of reports to help IT teams to maintain high network performance and a healthy network and keep the network under control, and meet ever-changing service requirements and end user requirements.


  • Powerful Automated Network Configuration and Firmware Upgrade

The DCLM enables IT administrators to automatically configure LAN and WLAN network device templates as well as an easy-to-use configuration wizard, thereby greatly lowering network maintenance and routine operating costs while improving operating efficiency. IT administrators can modify the configurations of one or multiple devices in batches, back up or restore configuration files, and upgrade firmware in an automatic and scheduled manner, thereby greatly lowering maintenance intensity and complexity. Now users can easily master the configuration of their entire network and perform firmware upgrade on schedule as necessary. The powerful task function enable users to clearly understand the configuration backup and restoration of each device as well as the results of firmware upgrade. The DCLM supports intelligent configuration version control and file comparison, so that users master the network configurations at ease.


  • Flexible, Vivid, and Ease-to-Use

The DCLM supports all mainstream web browsers. The DCLM-WLAN component has designed a simple and flexible operation interface, known as the GUI, for new users and experienced users.

Each user can define their own portal website page, so as to adapt to their management objectives.

Users can define charts, tables, and views on their own.

Access control operation rights and device areas can be flexibly defined.


System architectureB/S, based on multi-tiered system
Web browser supportIE (8 and 9)

Mozilla Firefox


OS supportWindows XP, 7, 8

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008

Basic  server requirement3.2 G Hz Dual Core CPU


160G HD (Free Space)

Basic client PC requirement2G Hz CPU


3G HDD (Free Space)

Language supportEnglish

Simplified Chinese

Management SNMP (V1, V2C, V3)




Management device supportDCN Switch

DCN Access Controllers (AC)


Other device which use standard SNMP protocol

Database supportMySQL(V5)


Product Purchase Information

DCLM-BaseBasic component of DCN integrated NMS platform. It includes the license for managing five nodesMandatory
DCLM-WlanDCN wireless service management componentOptional
DCLM-LanSwitch management component, supporting the management of wired switching products and automatic topology generationOptional
DCLM-LocationSupports location function authorization, locating, tracking, and other relevant functionsOptional
DCLM-PlannerSupports planner function authorization, onsite wireless planning, thermograph management, and other relevant functionsOptional
DCLM-LIC-25DCN software license for managing 25 nodesOptional
DCLM-LIC-50DCN software license for managing 50 nodesOptional
DCLM-LIC-100DCN software license for managing 100 nodesOptional
DCLM-LIC-200DCN software license for managing 200 nodesOptional
DCLM-LIC-500DCN software license for managing 500 nodesOptional
DCLM-LIC-1000DCN software license for managing 1000 nodesOptional