DCME-320 Многоядерный шлюз безопасности

DCME-320 is a new generation of high-performance security gateway using MIPS 64-bit multi-core high-performance processor, combined with a dedicated ASIC chip.

General Details
DCME-320 is a new generation of high-performance security gateway using MIPS 64-bit multi-core high-performance processor, combined with a dedicated ASIC chip. With superior performance and powerful data processing capabilities DCME-320 works via wire-speed throughput and industry-leading number of new connectivity compared with the traditional firewall and broadband router. DCME is recommended for 320 users within the application environment. DCME-320 integrates broadband router, firewall, switch, VPN, traffic management and control, network security, wireless controller and easy configuration. It is ideal for small and medium enterprises, schools, government, chain, medium-sized Internet cafes, operators and other complex network environment.
Main Features
  • Strong performance under advanced hardware architecture 

DCME-320 multi-core security gateway uses 64-bit multi-core processors, a dedicated ASIC high-speed switching engine making the entire hardware platform to run on a high-speed Ethernet architecture. This high-performance design makes the machine born with superior processing performance and provides a guarantee for depth detection data traffic shaping and stable operation of the security and defense, firewall / VPN, IPv6 and other rich upper layer software functionality.

  • Flexible interface types and functions

DCME-320 multi-core gateway provides a variety of interface types. The device contains eight Gigabit Ethernet ports + 2 Gigabit Combo interface and ports which have high voltage industrial grade security features to prevent static electricity, lightning damage to the equipment. The device supports Ethernet, FTTB optical fiber, ADSL, Cable. It supports load-balance, intelligent routing, link backup and other policies, covering most of the needs. DCME-320 also provides 2 USB2.0 interface for external storage expansion applications.

  • Accurate flow control and behavior management

DCME-320 provides accurate flow control policies based on applications, IP addresses, subscribers, protocols etc and set maximum, minimum, guaranteed bandwidth on uplink and downlink. Over 200 protocols can be identified via DCME-320 to set bandwidth guarantee, bandwidth control based on the specified protocol. With accurate NAT session limit, the threat of high session number caused via multi-process download-tools and virus attack.

  • Rich firewall functions

DCME-320 has powerful anti-attack capability.  With detailed statistics and accurate analysis on various packets such as ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP and other types of packets, attacks can be found and blocked including SYN Flood, DDoS, IP packet fragmentation attacks, IP address scanning attacks etc. And alarm information can be provided to make your network management more security.

Based on the advanced state detection technology, DCME-320 provides powerful anti-ARP ARP mechanisms including IP + MAC binding, ARP scanning technology, trusted ARP-learning, ARP-filtering. IP/MAC binding and anti anti-ARP mechanism between clients and devices can be done automatically.

  • Highly integrated access controller

DCME-320 security gateway can be used as access controller to set up wireless network with DCN AP devices. Based on smart management cluster technology, DCME-320 can monitor RF value in the location of each AP and adjust signal power and channel of each AP automatically according to user number or load balance policy. At same time, it can reduce interference of wireless signal to realize load balance and stability of the wireless network and provide perfect solution for middle/small wireless network and branches of large enterprise.

  • Efficient and friendly management and maintenance

DCME-320 security gateway adopts full graphic management Web page. Only three steps are needed to connect DCME-320 to the network with configuration wizard.

Various monitoring measures, including performance monitoring, failure alarming, virus/attack warning etc, and statistics and ranking information based on bandwidth and session are supported to the management and maintenance easily.

  • Green and efficient

DCME-320 security adopt next generation of hardware chipset. While ensuring powerful processing capability at the same time, low-power electrical components and fanless design make the devices power consumption less than 30watts.

CPUMIPS 64-bit multi-core CPU
MemoryDDR2  512M
Interface8*10/100/1000M Base-T+ 2*1000M Combo
Management port1 RS-232 (RJ-45) console
2 USB2.0 port
1 Reset
LedPower/ system Run/ port status
Suggested Concurrent users320
New session per second8000
Max. Concurrent connections100,000
IPSec throughput300Mbps
Temperature/humidityOperating 0℃-40℃; 10%-85% Non-condensing

Storage -20℃-65℃; 5%-95% Non-condensing

PowerAC 100~240V, 47~63Hz
Power consumption30W


Working modeRouting
Transparent Bridge
NetworkPPPoE client, PPPoE chap / pap / any three authentication methods, PPPoE client reconnection
DHCP Server, Client, relay
DNS server, proxy
RoutingStatic routing, static routing with priority, RIP
PBR (based on source address, source port, destination address, protocol and other strategies), support next-hop IP or interface
Equivalent multi-route load balancing, and bandwidth load automatically adjust the proportion of each route, to achieve load balancing based on the line.
Multilink backup function, schedule link state detection, and automatic switching and back between links
NATSource NAT Static / Dynamic
1:1 NAT



Server Load Balancing

Multi-protocol NAT ALG

Deep packet inspectionControl and rate-limit on Popular P2P application including BT, eMule, eDonkey
Control and rate-limit on popular IM applications including Yahoo, gtalk etc.
URL filtering, QQ audit
QOSIP-based bandwidth control
Application based bandwidth control
Flow based bandwidth control
Bandwidth guarantee, bandwidth reservation, flexible bandwidth allocation
Attack protectionARP attack defense mechanisms (arp learning, free arp, arp protection)
IP-MAC binding, manual and automatic
DoS, DDoS attack protection
Flood protection: ICMP flood, UDP flood, SYN flood
DNS queries flood protection: DNS queries & DNS recursive query flooding attack protection
Malformed packet protection
IP anomaly detection, TCP anomaly detection
IP address scanning attack prevention, port scan protection
Denial of Service Protection: Ping of Death, Teardrop, IP fragmentation, IP options, Smurf or Fraggle, Land, ICMP big packet
Session controlbased on interface, source IP, destination IP and applications (new sessions per second and the number of concurrent sessions)
Timing session control
Access controller802.11, 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11d, 802.11h, 802.11i,  802.11e, 802.11k
Basis manageable AP: 2; maximum manageable AP: 32; AP Upgrade Step: 10 AP
SystemDual image
Firmware upgrade via WEB and TFTP
Configuration backup and restore
Web configuration wizard
WEB authentication
Object management based on IP addresses, protocols, schedule, and interface
Log and monitor statisticsMonitoring and statistics on interface traffic
Monitoring and statistics on IP traffic
Monitoring and statistics on session number based on IP address
Monitoring and statistics on bandwidth and session number based on applications
Monitoring and statistics on the number of attacks
Monitoring and statistics on IP, application and attacks based on Security domain
Event log / traffic log / configuration log / alarm log / security log
USB log backup
High reliabilitySupport link load balancing, link backup
Multiple link failure detection mechanism
Order Information
Product NameDescription
DCME-320Multi-core security gateway, 8*10/100/1000M Base-T, 2*1000M Combo, 1*Console, 2*USB2.0
DCME-AC-10DCME-320 upgrade license, 10 APs
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