IS2100 Серии Din-Rail Промышленные Ethernet-коммутаторы уровня L2

IS2100D series L2+ managed switch, provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. It delivers more intelligent features you need to improve the availability of your critical business applications, protects your sensitive information

General Details
IS2100D series L2+ managed  switch, provides a reliable infrastructure for your business network. It delivers more intelligent features you need to improve the availability of your critical business applications, protects your sensitive information, and optimizes your network bandwidth to deliver information and applications more effectively. It provides the ideal combination of affordability and capabilities for entry level networking of industrial, small business or enterprise application which demands industrial, surveillance, IP Phone, IP Camera or Wireless applications, thus helps you create a more efficient workforce

In short, it provides security, performance, quality of services, central managed and other network control capabilities. Optimized and customized design and affordable pricing, it best fit for SMB or entry-level enterprise solution. It passed the rigorously testing to deliver excellent performance. As a managed switching solution, it also provides the flexibility to manage and prioritizes suitable-bandwidth traffic such as voice. In addition, it has advance security and gives you tight control to safeguard the network from unauthorized users.

Main Features
  • Adaptive DC power input, an optional redundant power supplies
  • Aluminum alloy structure shell against high strength vibration impact, industrial cooling, no fan
  • LED indicator light displays port activity, easy to find a network issue
  • Industry standard Din-Rail installation, convenient and efficient
  • Rich network management function to provide effective management and maintenance
StandardsIEEE 802.3u for 100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX

IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT(X)

IEEE 802.3z for 1000BaseX

IEEE 802.3x for Flow Control

IEEE 802.1D-2004 for Spanning Tree Protocol

IEEE 802.1w for Rapid STP

IEEE 802.1s for Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging

IEEE 802.1p for Class of Service

IEEE 802.1X for Authentication

IEEE 802.3ad for Port Trunk with LACP

Forwarding Rate10Mbps:14880pps



Switching CapacityIS2100D-2GF8TX: 9.6Gbps

IS2100D-4GF10GT: 28Gbps

IS2100D-2GF4GT-P: 12Gbps

IS2100D-2GF8GT-P: 20Gbps

IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 28Gbps

IGMP groupsIS2100D-2GF8TX: 4K

Other: 1K

MAC Table Size8K
VLAN number available4K
Priority Queues8
Buffer sizeIS2100D-2GF8TX: 32M

Other: 4M

ACL rulesIS2100D-2GF8TX: 512

Other: 256

Jumbo FrameIS2100D-2GF8TX: 2048 bytes

Other: 9K bytes

Fixed PortsIS2100D-2GF8TX8 * 10/100Base-TX

2 * 100/1000BaseX SFP

IS2100D-4GF10GT10 * 10/100/1000Base-TX

4 * 100/1000BaseX SFP

IS2100D-2GF4GT-P4 * 10/100/1000Base-TX

2 * 100/1000BaseX SFP

IS2100D-2GF8GT-P8 * 10/100/1000Base-TX

2 * 100/1000BaseX SFP

IS2100D-4GF10GT-P10 * 10/100/1000Base-TX

4 * 100/1000BaseX SFP

Management PortConsole
LED LightPOWER, Management Status, Link/Active and Transceiver
Port TrunkSupport IEEE802.3ad, LACP
Port MirroringPort monitor 1:1, n:1
Bandwidth ControlSteps 64kbps
Storm ControlSupport Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control
Port ProtectionSupport MAC binding , MAC address filter, MAC limit
Port Loop DetectionSupport
Port IsolationSupport
Main feature
Forwarding ModeStorage and Forwarding
VLANPort-based VLAN

Support IEEE 802.1Q, up to 4094 VLANs

MAC-based VLAN

Protocol-based VLAN

Private VLAN


Normal QinQ, selective QinQ

DHCPIPv4/IPv6 DHCP Client,IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Relay

Option 82,Option 37/38

IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Snooping, IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server

ReliabilitySpanning Tree802.1D STP, 802.1W RSTP, 802.1S MSTP

Root Guard, BPDU Guard, BPDU Forwarding

LACPLACP support

Load balance

L2 Ring Protection Ring protection protocol (ERPS)

Loopback Detection

SecurityIP ACL, MAC ACL, MAC-IP ACL, User-Defined ACL

Port Security,MAC Limit based on Port

ARP Binding

ARP Inspection

IEEE 802.1x, MAB (MAC based authentication)

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting


MulticastIGMP v1/v2 snooping

IGMP packet filtering

Multicast control

QoS8 Queues

Bandwidth Control

Classification based on COS,DPL,PCP,DEL,IPV4

Policing Based on Port

Remark COS/802.1p, DPL, DSCP

SP, WRR for scheduling

Maintenance and Operation ManagementTFTP

CLI, Telnet, Console, SSH



Public & Private MIB interface

RMON 1,2,3,9

Ping, Trace Route

Radius Authentication

Syslog (IPv4)


Dual IMG, Multiple Configuration Files

Port Mirror


Green EnergyFanless design
Hardware Specs
Dimension(W x D x H)IS2100D-2GF8TX: 53mm×125mm×135mm(W×D×H)

IS2100D-4GF10GT: 45mm×145mm×165mm (W×D×H)

IS2100D-2GF4GT-P: 53mm×125mm×135mm (W×D×H)

IS2100D-2GF8GT-P: 55mm×145mm×165mm(W*D*H)

IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 45mm×145mm×165mm(W*D*H)

OthersFanless, IP40 protection
Electrical Performance
Input VoltageIS2100D-2GF8TX: 24VDC (18 ~36VDC)

IS2100D-4GF10GT: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)

IS2100D-2GF4GT-P: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)

IS2100D-2GF8GT-P: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)

IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)

Power ConsumptionIS2100D-2GF8TX: <10Watts

Other: <20Watts

Working Environment
Working Temperature-40 to 75 ℃
Storage Temperature-45 to 75 ℃
Relative Humidity10% ~ 95%, Non-condensing
Network RedundancySupport Ring Protection, <50ms

Support single, dual and tangent ring


Port RedundancySupport Port Trunk

Ring protection protocol(ERPS)

Standard and Certification
EMIFCC Part 15 (Class A), EN55022 (CISPR22 Class A), EN55024 (Class A), CE, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4


EMCEN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4 EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-12
SafetyEN60950, UL508/cUL508, UL1604/cUL1604


Order Information
Product NameDescription
IS2100D-2GF8TXDIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed Switch, 8* 10/100Base-T + 2* 100/1000M SFP
IS2100D-4GF10GTDIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed Switch, 10* 10/100/1000Base-T + 4* 100/1000M SFP
IS2100D-2GF4GT-PDIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed POE+ Switch, 4* 10/100/1000Base-T(POE+30W) + 2* 100/1000M SFP
IS2100D-2GF8GT-PDIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed POE+ Switch, 8* 10/100/1000Base-T(POE+30W) + 2* 100/1000M SFP
IS2100D-4GF10GT-PDIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed POE+ Switch, 10* 10/100/1000Base-T(POE+30W) + 4 * 100/1000M SFP