DCN Крупномасштабное решение кампуса

Product List:
Core switch: CS16809
Aggregation switch: CS6500 Series, CS6200-EI Series
Access switch: S5750E Series

High Lights
VSF(Virtual Switch Framework) 
Virtualize multiple DCN switches into one logical device, achieves the sharing of information and data tables between different switches. Enlarge the performance and ports density. Simplify management.
Adaptive Traditional business & SDN business network 
Supports OpenFlow1.0 and 1.3 standard protocal for SDN network (Software Defined Network), which can make the upgrade smoothly from traditional network to SDN network, to reduce the TCO.
High Performance
40G line from aggregation switch to core switch,  10G line from access switch to aggregation switch, 1G line to desktop.
High Reliability network 
MRPP is Multi-layer Ring Protection Protocol. Comparing to spanning tree protocol, it has advantages of fast convergence, simple protocol calculation, less system resources cost and so on, which can improve the reliability of Ethernet network operation.