Высокоскоростная сеть для Народной больницы Чжунсяна

The Challenge
ZHONGXIANG People’s Hospital was founded in 1909, is a large-scale, complete disciplines, strong technical force, medical care, teaching and research in one of the modern general hospital. Currently 2 out-patient clinics, 12 clinical departments, 24 medical technology departments.
The network was designed 8 years ago ,and the IP address it can provide is far away from the requirement since the hospital had deployed the PACS system . To make matters worse ,the equipment began to restart frequently .
DCN Solution
Making the network easy to scale, manage and maintain ,we choose the hierarchical model to build a modular topology
Network core is DCN flagship chassis switch:DCRS-7608, which perform very strongly, and the best choice for the modern hospital network core equipment.
Convergence layer network using 10Gigabit Link Aggregation way through the deployment of the DCS-5960 , with a high-speed, link backup, the advantages of load sharing, ensuring the implementation of a hospital-wide high-speed access effect.
We chose DCS-4500 Gigabit uplink intelligent security access switch as the access layer ,can be realized GE to the desktop, fully meet the application requirements of the hospital-wide level.

DCN Product List

DCN Solution Highlights
1.       Provide stably network for customer
2.       Easy manage whole network
3.       Focus on network and exit security
4.       Differ server for different applications
5.       High bandwidth provide service smoothly running
6.       IPv6 Phase II certificated Product protect investments
7.       Redundant link and power supply and device, link load balance
8.       Lower cost