Tale of General Education丨DCN Transforms the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for the Shenyang Dadong District Education Bureau

August 6, 2018

Tale of General Education丨DCN Transforms the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for the Shenyang Dadong District Education Bureau

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DCN has been devoted in the education industry for over ten years. Through repeated analysis and study on cases in the general education industry, DCN has created a series of solutions covering “cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education, smart cloud classroom, smart campus for general education and safe campus for general education. With its innovative, flexible and rich solutions, DCN has completed the digital upgrading and transformation for major general education institutions and related units throughout China. Today, I want to talk about one case — DCN Transforms the Wireless Metropolitan Area Network for the Shenyang Dadong District Education Bureau.

The backbone network of Dadong educational metropolitan area network and the wired/wireless networks of the affiliated schools have been completed for several years. The Education Bureau deploys the AC, network management and authentication systems, and adopts the model of independent construction, unified management and authentication. In the course of actual network operation, the following problems cause great trouble to customers:

  • Difficulty in user account management. The Education Bureau has no sufficient management personnel to manage all school user accounts, so it delegates its management authority to the schools. But the school administrators cannot manage the accounts independently due to the complexity of equipment management, and they even want to give up their user account management;
  • Difficulty in unified management of AP. There are 1,000 APs in the entire network, and the number is increasing year by year due to the growth of network business. The Education Bureau, who is responsible for the AP management, receives complaints about poor wireless network from the school users every day. Since the AP management interface is complex and not suitable for the school administrators, and the solving procedures are also complex, many simple problems become complex, resulting in slow solving and more complaints;
  • High cost of overall transformation. If the AC, network management and authentication systems are deployed to each school, the decentralized management and maintenance can be realized, but such deployment brings a more learning cost and other problems. In addition, there are no suitable professional administrators in some schools for the moment. All of these lead to the high cost of overall transformation.

“Cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education

Seamless combination of strong points from others

The “cloud – network integration” metropolitan area network for general education is the digital solution specially designed by DCN for primary and secondary schools and education bureaus in response to the national policy of “three connections and two platforms”. Through integrating AC, network management and authentication and other functions by using the cloud, the solution can achieve a smooth Internet surfing among schools. With a unified AP deployment among schools, Windows operation interface and other features, the network is easy to operate and maintain. It is simpler, more integrated and professional.

Customer demands

Basically realize the supplemental seamless coverage of wireless network on main areas of 35 primary and secondary schools, including the offices, classrooms, conference rooms, outdoor areas;

Conduct the unified deployment of equipment, delegate the account and equipment management to schools, keep the unified management authority at the Education Bureau;

Conduct the wireless user account authentication, support a visitor to quickly open an account, and make network real name statistics;

Realize the roaming of school user accounts among different schools within the same area without application for new accounts;

The operation interface for account and equipment management must be easy to use and suitable for ordinary administrators, so as to reduce the training costs.

Solution description

DCN comes up with the solution below:

Deploy the Imcloud management platform

The platform is deployed at the Education Bureau in a centralized manner, and it integrates AC, user authentication and network management. It is not necessary for schools to purchase the AC, network management and authentication equipment.

The platform can set up school administrators at different levels to manage the schools’ user accounts and APs. After a school AP is launched, the platform automatically enters the management domain of the school. The user’s application for an account will be sent automatically to the school administrator; the school administrator can check the status of the school’s users and APs at any time, and make relevant statistics and analysis according to specific statuses.

The school administrator can set up the school user authentication page and visitor authentication method conveniently and flexibly (SMS, QR code scanning and conference QR code etc.).

The platform can realize the roaming of user accounts among different schools within the same area without application for new accounts.

The platform adopts a simple Windows operation interface that anyone who can use computer is able to manage and maintain network.

In the later stage, the Imcloud service platform and related APPs can be deployed seamlessly. New services, such as convenient Internet authentication, network security inspection, network maintenance and fault diagnosis, are provided for ordinary users, administrators and maintainers. At the same time, a standardized process is designed to deal with network problems, so that each problem may have a closed-loop resolution.

Provide high-quality wireless service

In addition to original APs, new advanced, high-performance 802.11ac Wave2 enterprise-level wireless APs, including AP WL8200-I2&I3 installed indoors, AP WL8200-W series installed on indoor walls, and AP WL8200-T2&IT2 installed outdoors (about 1500 APs in total), are used to provide the teachers and students with large-bandwidth wireless access services;

Make unified planning and deployment for original and new APs, realize the seamless coverage on classrooms, corridors, offices, venues, playgrounds and sports fields thorough the elaborate scene coverage mode, and realize the seamless wireless roaming and the scientific and rational distribution of wireless resources through the “major 8-air” technology, thus providing the users with continuous and fast wireless services.
Advantages of the solution

Advanced and reasonable platform architecture  the management burden on the Education Bureau is eased: after the delegation of administration authority, each school manages its own network, and the Education Bureau can be relieved from the tedious daily maintenance work to do more important things, and it can also supervise the networks of all schools when needed;

Easy-to-use maintenance methods – the vitality of the school network is enhanced: Through managing its own network, each school can easily know about the status of users and equipment through Windows operation interface. With the simple reports on network utilization rate and equipment failure rate provided by the network system, most of problems can be solved quickly, which obtains the recognition of the network from teachers and students; A school administrator can actively design the authentication interface of the school, making it more characteristic, substantial and practical; a school administrator can also integrate his/her idea into the network development, adjust and improve the network according to his/her own demands, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Advanced and scientific wireless deployment  the online application experience is enhanced: after the network deployment is optimized, the teachers and students can visit the school service network within seconds, and can also enjoy the fast network service outside the school. The school roaming is not off line, and there are more optional applications about teaching informatization, which lays a solid network foundation for the future construction of a smart school network.

Make in-depth analysis on customer needs, develop safe and controllable digital products independently, and provide users with elaborate, reliable and deeply-integrated “industry + digital solutions”!

DCN helps the overall upgrading of the metropolitan area network for general education, cloud classroom, smart campus and safe campus, to facilitate the construction of a high-quality, information-based system for general education industry.